Credit for Self Employed Comparison

Loan for the self-employed, compared to the personal loan, the restrictions of the free choice of provider become apparent. Many freelancers, despite a good income and a clean Credit bureau, only reap credit rejections.

Loan for the self-employed compared to the past

Loan for the self-employed compared to the past

Getting a loan as a self-employed person or as a freelancer has always been a bit more difficult. Numerous documents had to be brought to the bank before 2000. In the past, the auditor or at least the tax advisor on the loan discussion was just as common as it is today. If he wanted to take out a loan, a self-employed person was always liable privately with house and farm. Only with large companies did the owners have a chance to limit their liability.

Nonetheless, the credit for the self-employed is nothing like it used to be, because politics interfered. The concept of the single currency should be implemented with all vigor and perhaps also against every mind. Suddenly, every investment outside of Germany was a “gold mine” for the big banks. Politicians deregulated the financial markets and then tried to limit mistakes made again.

Since Basel 2, before the USD crisis, credit institutions have started to exclude freelancers and the self-employed across the board.

Situation for the self-employed in 2013

Situation for the self-employed in 2013

A lot has changed between 2000 and 2013. Agenda 2010 ensured that around 800,000 freelancers and small self-employed people in Germany became almost 5 million. This puts the “performance” of lower unemployment into perspective, it has become independent. Instead of fewer self-employed people who could live well from their freely chosen bread-and-butter jobs, there are now many. Unfortunately, also many who can barely make ends meet.

These people only get credit in exceptional cases. Many banks no longer want to hear about speculative transactions. They have had their experience in investment banking. The core business should only be supposedly secure lending. This development is again supported by politics. Since the USD crisis started in 2008, everything that needs to be regulated has been regulated.

Only the real hot spots, such as Target2 and government bonds, were excluded. The borrowers were again the victims, especially the self-employed and freelancers. They have neither a “safe” income nor an undistributed market in which good future prospects are revealed. Even those who have made it and are now making good money hardly get any credit opportunities.

Loan opportunities for freelancers and the self-employed

Loan opportunities for freelancers and the self-employed

A loan for the self-employed is only possible with very few credit providers compared to a personal loan. The savings banks and Best bank remain nationwide, just like a credit option in the distant past. Only the tax advisor is now called auditor or business consultant. Fine bank and Agree bank with fair lending rates can be considered online as commercial credit providers.

The look at the approval chances speaks for skimming off the icing on the cake among freelancers. Doctors and lawyers are also freelancers. After a certain start-up phase, you can assume a very constant income, similar to an employee.


Take instant credit payout instantly.

A flash credit with immediate payment is not as rare as some might think. An unexpected invoice, repair or other purchase is not always planned. If the money is then not available, this loan is often used. has examples

Choose the right loan

Choose the right loan

With the many offers, it is not easy to find the right lightning loan with payment immediately. There are always a number of things to consider. First, you should think about how high the loan amount should be. Only then can a correct provider be found who has fair conditions. In addition, getting a loan is not easy for everyone. Some do not have as good a credit rating as others, so that either a loan amount cannot be taken up as high or not at all.

On the one hand there is the mini loan. This is suitable for small purchases or invoices. The credit amount for this lightning credit with payment is immediately between 300 dollars and 5,000 dollars. It is often enough to go to your own bank to apply for this loan. Then there are also the loans with a higher loan amount.

If, for example, a new car is to be bought, it may well be that several thousand dollars are needed. Here the house bank, but also the bank of the car dealership can grant a loan. The advantage at the bank of the car dealership is that a contract is signed on the spot. The sum is then transferred directly to the dealership and the customer has to pay the monthly installments.

Requirements for the loan

Requirements for the loan

In order to receive the instant credit with payment immediately, the applicant must meet the requirements at each bank. These are set because the bank does not want to take any risks. The bank earns money by granting loans and is guaranteed to get it back. As soon as the bank has to fear that the repayment of the loan amount is at risk, no loan will be granted.

The applicant for the instant credit with immediate payment must be of legal age. In addition, he must not have too many negative entries in the Credit Bureau. If the customer is noticed negatively, the bank will generally reject a loan application. The rejection is noted again in the Credit Bureau. Refused loans can be included in the entries, but also existing loans with installment payments or attachments.

The applicant must use payslips to prove that he has a regular income. This income must be attachable. The reason is that the bank wants to be sure that it can seize wages in an emergency if the borrower does not pay the installments. The wages must come from permanent employment. This means that mini-jobbers or trainees are less likely to get the chance to get the loan.

Disbursement and repayment

Disbursement and repayment

As soon as the instant credit with payment has been approved, the loan amount is either paid out immediately or transferred to the account. If the sum is only a few hundred dollars, there is always the possibility to have it paid out immediately. When repaying, an amount is agreed with the bank, which must be paid in monthly installments.

A collection procedure is often used, so that the customer does not have to do anything else. He should only make sure that the account is sufficiently covered every month so that there are no arrears in the payment. If this happens, a garnishment of wages can be issued quickly. If you know that your account will not be covered, you should rather speak to the bank and ask for the rates to be suspended.

Instant credit with instant transfer.

If you need a cheap and advantageous instant credit with instant transfer, you do not need to ask the house bank. An immediate payment of the required amount is not possible with house banks and state credit institutions. Rather, you have to put up with long waiting times and receive a rejection if your credit rating does not meet the requirements for lending and is negatively oriented, for example, through a Credit Bureau entry.

But it is not uncommon for unforeseen high bills, the need for repairs or new purchases to make an instant loan with immediate transfer an urgent necessity. In the free financial market, every applicant has the same opportunity and can get a quick and cheap offer for an instant loan by comparing, but also by hiring independent financial intermediaries.

Use online comparisons for free

Use online comparisons for free

Private donors and foreign banks do not attach great importance to creditworthiness and also grant an instant credit with instant transfer to applicants who use a different form of security and would like to be predestined for a loan. On the Internet, you can compare different offers in a direct comparison and find out which lender not only gives you low interest rates and low fees, but also flexible contractual terms and thus decides on a loan with advantages.

Should there be financial changes in the life of the borrower during the term, he can adjust the repayment rate to his income through a flexible contract and does not have to accept increased fees. A suitable instant loan with instant transfer can be found on the Internet for all claims, so that the comparison is the optimal basis for the decision and can avoid choosing loans that are too expensive or do little to meet your own criteria and requirements. In the free financial market, borrowers not only benefit from a quick approval and payment of the loan amount, but also from other advantages that are expressed in the protection provided by the lender, but also in the interest rate on the loan.

The right loan for all requirements

The right loan for all requirements

Only if the instant credit with instant transfer is chosen according to your own needs, will it be a high-quality decision. It is up to the applicant’s own ideas and options whether to secure the loan amount by overwriting real or monetary values ​​with the lender, or to opt for the guarantee of friends or relatives. The credit rating of online credit is not taken into account, since other options for hedging are convincing and therefore every applicant receives the same chance of a loan.

Due to the quick payment, the borrower only has to comply with the 7-day legal waiting period and can then dispose of the sum immediately. In order to pay urgent bills, to fulfill an urgent request or to make necessary repairs and new purchases, an instant loan is the best decision with which long waiting times and cancellations can be avoided and directly excluded.

Loan despite credit bureau can be found in almost all media

Are you looking for a loan despite Credit bureau without a credit intermediary? Then you should know the reputable credit options that the 2013 credit market has for you. The article provides more information on the loan providers that enable a loan despite a negative Credit bureau.

Credit despite Credit bureau – a look at advertising

Credit despite Credit bureau - a look at advertising

The loan despite Credit bureau can be found in almost all media. As a rule, credit placement companies are behind the often complex advertising measures. It is not fundamentally wrong to have a professional support you in a difficult loan search. The experts in the credit market know a lot of loan offers that a “normal citizen” cannot easily track down. It is not uncommon for credit brokers and comparison portals to offer those interested in loans a particularly low-interest offer.

The advertising for a loan with negative Credit bureau is extremely easy to find. Nevertheless, this special loan cannot be the main business of credit professionals. Very few credit providers come into question for loan offers despite Credit bureau. On the one hand, despite Credit bureau, a domestic loan, mostly from private, can be offered. Without Credit bureau it is a foreign loan.

In the case of credit options from private donors, the lending functions via a bidding process. Without the largest possible number of investors, the portals can hardly open up exceptional credit opportunities. Only the market leaders are really interesting. – Good credit lenders – are currently the largest portal.

Private loans despite Credit bureau – requirements

Private loans despite Credit bureau - requirements

If the loan should come from a private company despite Credit bureau, it makes sense to choose one of the two platforms. Good credit lenders clearly specifies how far the credit rating may have suffered before a loan request is published. A completed negative Credit bureau entry does not automatically mean “off” for Good credit lenders. A scoring value of H must be achieved so that the loan search can be carried out via the platform.

Auxmoney is less clear when it comes to the score. Only a medium scoring score should be achieved. However, there is no precise delimitation.

For both credit options – despite Credit bureau – applies, extreme credit requests, such as a loan during bankruptcy, can not be met. In addition, an approved loan is always reported to Credit bureau. A credit without Credit bureau is therefore excluded.

Loan without Credit bureau – international loan

Loan without Credit bureau - international loan

In Germany, you can only apply for a reputable bank loan without Credit bureau through a foreign bank. Until the beginning of the financial crisis, there were several credit institutions from different countries that granted this credit option. The offers have now completely disappeared. In 2009 the Federal Administrative Court passed a weighty judgment. The last provider of “real” Swiss loans, Nice bank finance, had to stop working for customers from Germany. (Az. 8 C 2.09 from April 22, 2009).

Only at the end of 2010 was it possible to get a serious bank loan from abroad despite Credit bureau. Almost all of the reputable Credit bureau-free loan offers from the placement companies have been referring to Best bank

The country of origin of a Swiss loan despite a negative Credit bureau is Liechtenstein today. If you save the agency fees and want to do the “paperwork” yourself, you can apply for your loan directly despite Credit bureau. If you like it more convenient, use the service of a reputable credit broker.

Loan with temporary job – prospects to get a loan

Anyone who has a regular job has credit opportunities through income from work. The credit prospects for a loan with a temporary job are modest, but still there. The possibilities open up how to escape an impending credit crunch, more on this in the article.

Loan with temporary job – easy options

Loan with temporary job - easy options

There are a few prerequisites that need to be met for a temporary job loan to be successful. The borrower must be of legal age, the Credit bureau must not have a negative entry and the temporary job must be permanent. In addition, part-time work may not take place on an independent basis. After the trial period has ended successfully, the first source of credit can be tapped.

It is the overdraft facility of the checking account. Almost all account-holding credit institutions grant a small overdraft facility. The amount of the disposable corresponds approximately to an income. If you encounter problems with your bank with this wish, you should consider changing providers. For example, TAgree bank offers a completely free online checking account with a 50 USD starter rate. Not much can be started with 50 USD, but this first discounting is even interest-free.

The other options available depend on the income generated. From an income of 500 USD – 600 USD per month, the first “real” credit cards can be requested. In this case, up to € 1,000 card overdrafts are quite realistic.

Installment loan with temporary job

Installment loan with temporary job

Actually, a temporary job does not qualify for an installment loan. Most credit institutions are very distant to this request. Installment loans are only granted by commercial lenders if the income reaches at least the attachment limit. For a single person, without maintenance obligations, the current seizure limit is set at 1,050 USD.

However, it is possible to name a solvent guarantor who bears the credit liability in an emergency. Under these conditions, a small loan from an online direct provider can be found. Nevertheless, with regard to income, the expectation of the loan amount should not be too high. As an alternative to a guarantee, high-quality property security could be pledged.

Without guarantors, there could be credit options for installment purchases in department stores and mail order companies. Again, the clean Credit bureau and income are the focus of the question whether such a loan is possible. The credit offers of the large department stores for electronic items are known to be particularly permissive. With luck, even zero percent funding is possible despite temporary jobs.

However, the entire warehouse cannot be purchased on credit. The loan amount must always be in relation to the income earned.

Loan opportunities with poor income

Loan opportunities with poor income

Usually, credit intermediaries can almost always arrange a loan in difficult creditworthiness situations. However, if their income is well below the attachment limit, their hands are tied.

A realistic alternative for a low-income loan can be found in the private lending market. Private donors often make a hearty decision about who they want to entrust their money to. The desire for a loan with a temporary job therefore does not necessarily fall on deaf ears. A loan attempt through one of the major portals costs nothing and can be rewarded with a loan.

Debt for Self-Employed request for a loan for debt restructuring

At the house bank, a request for a loan for debt restructuring for the self-employed is usually rejected. The self-employed person does not have the creditworthiness required by the house bank and state credit institutions for the allocation of funds due to his non-fixed salary and the lack of confirmation from an employer regarding the fixed income.

However, since debt restructuring is also necessary for the self-employed and can protect it from excessive costs, one should focus here on the free financial market and choose offers in which the creditworthiness and financial background play a minor, if any, role. Other values ​​count here and create the possibility of securing debt restructuring for the self-employed at the lender with existing collateral in real assets or with a surety, making it ideal for approval.

Prefer fair terms

Prefer fair terms

Of course, even if there is an urgent need or the desire to reschedule the self-employed, one should not forget that only a suitable loan with low interest rates and a fair framework is really suitable. It is best to choose a contractually agreed flexibility and thus prevent problems that can always arise in self-employment due to irregular income.

By overwriting a property, a car or a financial product for retirement provision, you can secure the loan and ensure that the lender grants the approval based on the collateral provided and the amount is quickly paid out.

There are no long waiting times for loans from private donors or foreign banks. You will receive a notification within 24 hours for approval and can benefit from receiving the payment promptly and thus tackling the debt change for the self-employed.

You can fall back on cheap offers with low fees and choose a loan that does not become expensive despite flexible conditions, you can not service a rate in sufficient amount or not meet a payment term. The loan should be chosen just as flexibly as the income is presented in the self-employed activity and cause no additional costs.

Suitable options for all requirements

Suitable options for all requirements

On the free credit market, prospective buyers will find the right models for all requirements and can use a free online comparison to exclude loans that are too expensive and therefore not very suitable for their own criteria. Even in difficult cases and without being secured by property, you can get a loan and reschedule.

If a guarantor is liable for the amount requested, the lender grants the loan and only then approaches the guarantor, acts contrary to the contract are carried out or the lender is unable to adhere to the repayment installments and to provide the agreed amount. Otherwise, the collateral deposited and the liability of the guarantor remain unaffected by the lender throughout the term.


By signing their credit, each borrower must most often take out insurance to cover the risks of “death, disability, incapacity” or even “loss of employment”. Since September 1, 2010, mortgage subscribers can choose a different insurance from that offered by the bank if the guarantees are equivalent. It is important to be able to compare these insurances and know exactly what they cover.


Insurance “Death, Invalidity, Incapacity”

credit loans

This insurance guarantees the bank that it will be paid if the borrower’s state of health no longer allows him to work or if he dies. The “death, invalidity, incapacity” insurance also avoids the obligation for the heirs to pay the credit in the event of the borrower’s death. In addition, it most often covers incapacity for work. Warning: The majority of contracts exclude certain risks such as the practice of violent or dangerous sports or travel to certain risky countries.

For a mortgage, “death-incapacity” insurance is compulsory in most cases. However, it is optional for consumer credit. If the borrower dies, the insurer reimburses the balance of the loan, either in full if the deceased was 100% insured, or in part if he was only partially insured. In the event of total invalidity, the insurer reimburses the lender the balance of the loan according to the same rules as for death. In addition, if as a result of an illness or an accident, the borrower is forced to cease his activity, the incapacity for work insurance makes it possible to take over the monthly payments, after a period of deficiency generally fixed at 3 months.


“Loss of employment” insurance

credit insurance

There are two types of “job loss” insurance: the first allows the lender to defer the amounts due at the end of the loan. In this case, the interests of the deferral are borne by the insurer. The second guarantees that the insurer will take care of the payment of monthly payments, in part or in full, during a limited period established as of the subscription of the insurance. In this option, the guarantee can only play a certain number of times. Usually, these will be 2 non-consecutive periods, with a maximum duration of 18 months each. As with the “incapacity for work” insurance, this insurance provides for a deductible period most often fixed at three months. It should be noted that certain contracts only grant this guarantee to borrowers exercising a professional activity on a regular basis.


The cheapest loan insurance is not necessarily the best

cheapest loan

Especially in the event of disability for work or loss of job. Expressed either according to the total initial capital borrowed or according to the capital remaining due, the cost of insurance is quite difficult to compare from one insurance to another. The easiest way is to carefully read the prior offer of credit, which must show the cost of insurance very explicitly. When insurance is offered by the bank, the premium is included in the monthly payments, but it must also be presented separately in the amortization table. The Rite Lenders advisers will not only allow you to choose a loan at the most advantageous conditions but also to be able to take out the best insurance offers to cover your borrower risks.

Is there a bank who can offer a credit despite low income?

Those who earn little usually don’t have much money to spend and save. A low income is enough to maintain living standards, but you cannot make big leaps with it. But, of course, even low-income earners don’t want to do without the finer things in life – not to mention the necessary purchases. If you earn little and need a larger sum, you may be able to take out a loan. With online banks in particular, you have a good chance of being granted a loan despite little income.

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

Even if your income is low, it must not be too low for borrowing. Banks attach great importance to the fact that you have a regular income and can therefore make a living. Of course, your earnings should not be too small if you want to take out a loan. Before your loan application is approved, the bank checks whether you can afford the monthly installments.

If so, it is often possible to take out a loan for a small sum. It is even better if you can offer the bank collateral. Whether home, valuables or guarantors – the better the protection, the more chances you have of a loan despite little income. It is also important that the desired loan amount is not too high. Small loans of up to 5,000 USD are usually easily available even for low-income earners.

How do you find the best provider?

How do you find the best provider?

Unfortunately, the banks’ favorite customers are still people who have very high incomes and can demonstrate perfect creditworthiness. For this they are rewarded with low interest rates and advantageous conditions. But even if you earn little, you don’t have to settle for expensive loans. On the Internet you will find a large selection of online banks that offer instant, installment and small loans on favorable terms.

You can save a lot if you make a comparison before submitting your application and find out which bank suits you best. Do not be discouraged by rejections – sooner or later you will get a loan with a sufficiently high income. The most important thing about a loan despite low income is that you always have a good overview of your finances and do not get into debt.