Safkhet Select

The best of quality and innovatively different non-fiction, brought to you by Safkhet Publishing. These titles run the gamut from humor and satire to moving and touching biography. For something different on your bookshelf, try Safkhet Select.

Grumpy Old Menopause How Not To Murder Your Grumpy Just Add Spice Miniskirts and Laughter Lines Surfing in Stilettos Three Little Birds Revenge of the Golf Widow Justice 4.1

Safkhet Suspense

Espionage, thrillers, crime and mystery: Safkhet Suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat or the covers up over your head with exciting and original suspense titles.

Satin Murder The Edge of Sanity Sweeper A Higher Authority

Safkhet Soul

Safkhet Soul, our books for the soul, was launched on Valentine's Day 2012. Bringing fresh, funny and fabulous stories, Safkhet Soul will paint a smile on the face of every reader. Safkhet Soul showcases the stories that touch a place in your heart.

Voyage of Desire Romantic Heroes Baggy Pants and Bootees The Donahues Queen of the Harbour Learning to Love
Little White Lies and Butterflies Goodbye Henrietta Street A Little Bit of Madness Warrant for Love Somebody to Love Recipes for Disaster Living With A Teenager

Safkhet Fantasy

Safkhet Fantasy brings all manner of fantasy adventures to the creative reader, including fantasy comedy, epic tales, and children's adventure. Safkhet Fantasy is your choice for high quality fantasy titles.

Innocent in the Afterlife Bad Bishop Have Frog Will Travel The SatNav of Doom
Bass Instinct The Vampire Mechanic The Mystic Accountant The Amulet of Kings

Safkhet Cookery

Our first imprint at Safkhet Publishing, Safkhet Cookery introduces a clever and creative approach to cooking. With a unique take on the culinary arts, Safkhet Publishing takes you into the kitchens of the heavy metal music industry.

For Those About To Cook Pure Metal