NEW! Safkhet Suspense

Espionage, thrillers, crime and mystery: Safkhet Suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat or the covers up over your head with exciting and original suspense titles.

Find out all her dark secrets What dangers lurk out there ... in the dark and in your heart? Call a clean-up crew for your next crime scene Working for a Higher Authority proves very dangerous indeed

Safkhet Soul

Safkhet Soul, our books for the soul, was launched on Valentine's Day 2012. Bringing fresh, funny and fabulous stories, Safkhet Soul will paint a smile on the face of every reader. Safkhet Soul showcases the stories that touch a place in your heart.

Save your love life Discover the truth Find your long lost family Take a trip into your wildest dreams Escape from reality comes in patent-leather Prada kneeboots Exploring the fragility of love, life, and relationships
Cooking up lies proves too hot in the kitchen Pippa is torn between Yorkshire and Rob, and the Isles of Scilly and Sven lady saves her home with help from a dashing boy in blue police officer hunk arrests damsel-in-distress for solicitation, when all he wants is a place to stay and a soul to love two desperate lovers too caught behind their own personal problems to love each other for real an innovative cookbook with sexilicious romcom recipes

Safkhet Fantasy

Safkhet Fantasy brings all manner of fantasy adventures to the creative reader, including fantasy comedy, epic tales, and children's adventure. Safkhet Fantasy is your choice for high quality fantasy titles.

Haldar Drom opens up a can of whoop-ass find out where you're going when you die a story of love, power, danger and nigh-immortality books by kids for kids
fill the fridge with this the search for good directions ends here sex sells out the Banned humor dipped in 40-weight the Banned amps up with dragon breath underground jazz meets magic

Safkhet Select

The best of quality and innovatively different non-fiction, brought to you by Safkhet Publishing. These titles run the gambit from humor and satire to moving and touching biography. For something different on your bookshelf, try Safkhet Select.

cope with aging the funny way entertain your Grumpy Old Man before you push him off a bridge save your golfer from the golf course with these tips and tricks one-liners from the life of a parent - of a teenager written in German, the biography of Dr. Eberhard Neumann, pediatrician and Nobel Prize winner

Safkhet Cookery

Our first imprint at Safkhet Publishing, Safkhet Cookery introduces a clever and creative approach to cooking. With a unique take on the culinary arts, Safkhet Publishing takes you into the kitchens of the heavy metal music industry.

revisit music celebrities in the kitchen with this all-metal music edition

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